Axtel Prime
X3 duo SE ⠭⠼⠉


The Axtel Prime X3 duo SE headset was inspired by the fight against the exclusion of people with partial or total sight loss. When it comes to business, what matters most is communication, time saving and multitasking. 

Created from the ground up for people with partial or total sight loss.

Imagine you need to call the bank and you use a computer with a screen reader daily. The consultant will hear your reader and confidential data, unless you put on an earpiece and hear your reader output in one ear and the conversation with the consultant in the other. This is inconvenient and inefficient. This is why the Axtel Prime X3 duo SE was created. It is a headset to which you connect your computer, smartphone and landline. From now on, you can even listen to each of the selected channels simultaneously. Whether you are having a conversation on your landline or mobile phone, you can quickly browse something on the Internet. Working in the support department becomes seamless –– talking to the customer, you are free to use the computer. With the Prime X3 duo SE, you can live more independently, make everyday tasks easier and work more comfortably than ever before. This is the first product of its kind in the world.

Intuitive control buttons

Intuitive control buttons on the base unit and earpiece, as well as the MFB (multifunctional button), let you to decide whether to answer or end a call and switch between three communication channels. In addition, the MFB has a built-in live call LED indicator integrated into the base unit, which indicates to people nearby that there is a call in progress.

Noise reduction

The Axtel Prime X3 duo SE headset has an advanced noise cancellation system integrated with crystal-clear HD sound. All noise and unwanted sounds are eliminated to ensure optimal conditions for business conferences. Excellent HD sound quality with advanced noise reduction, even in very noisy environments, will keep you fully focused and comfortable. The latest Axtel Prime X3 duo SE headset is a combination of modern technology and minimalist design.

Channel listening function

An innovative functionality with which you can listen to communication channels (computer / mobile phone / landline) while simultaneously talking on one of the channels. This innovative feature was developed to make computer work easier for the blind and visually impaired. It is compatible with systems that support blind and visually impaired users, on a variety of communication platforms.

Signalling functions to assist you at work

Appropriate voice messages will indicate an incoming call to you, specifying the source: landline, mobile phone, or PC. You can receive the call by operating the headset or the base station, or a compatible smartphone app. In addition, an incoming call is indicated with a sound cue and by the flashing of the relevant pictograms on the earpiece and the base unit in green.

Volume and mic sensitivity control

The volume level and mic sensitivity can be adjusted as required. The earpiece volume is controlled using the buttons on the earpiece. The maximum and minimum settings are indicated with a sound cue. You can also adjust the mic sensitivity using buttons on the back of the base. The mic sensitivity can be set individually for each channel separately (landline phone, computer, and mobile phone). This is an extremely convenient solution that allows the device to be perfectly adapted to individual preferences.

Light and voice messages

The Axtel Prime X3 duo SE set automatically indicates the battery charge status, the need to recharge, the current active communication channel, and incoming calls.

Earpiece and base unit location function

To facilitate the use of the device for people with partial or total sight loss, the headset is equipped with the extremely useful function of locating both the earpiece and the base by means of audio messages.

Dedicated connection cable

A specially designed connection cable compatible with most landline phone models on the market. Embossed markings to make it easy to select the right type of cable by touch.


High-performance battery for up to twelve hours of active use.

Key features

  • Simultaneous pairing with three devices: a mobile phone, a landline and a computer.
  • Earpiece and base unit location function
  • Innovative channel listening function
  • Wireless range up to 400m
  • Bluetooth® enabled for device-to-device connectivity
  • Light and voice messages
  • High-performance battery for up to twelve hours of active use


Working environment: office
Working environment setting: high ambient noise
Category: Wireless
Earpiece connection: Desk phone, USB, Bluetooth
Compatibility: desk phone/softphone/smartphone
Sound quality: Wideband
Noise reduction system: high
Noise-cancelling mic: Yes
Acoustic Protection: 85 / 87 /105 dB(A)
Digital Signal Processing: Yes
Automatic Gain Control: Yes
Plug& Play: Yes
Wearing style: Duo
Wireless connectivity: DECT; Bluetooth
Battery life: 10 hours